A native of Hamakua, Big Island of Hawaii, I was taught by my grandmother from birth the connection of the spirit of love in all things, especially nature.  Later, growing up on the island of Oahu, formal training in the sacred manner of hula opened my heart and mind to my inner dance and expression.  It was through my hula that I became aware of my hands and the impact they held.  Starting in 1975, I was  blessed to be a student of Hannah “Nana” Veary, a most powerful spiritual teacher, (Change We Must) who named me Mohalapua.  She encouraged and guided me to use my hands as my Life’s Purpose.  Words could not fully express all that was given to me through her nurturing example, love and teachings.   Much of my life’s direction today is a tribute to her, as well as to Hawaii’s greatest teacher of all, our beloved Queen Liliuokalani.  


It is my belief that in the sharing of some of the history and philosophy of various aspects of this loving work, as well as performing this sacred touch with grace and a genuinely caring heart, others can awaken to and appreciate their own awareness of the healing power within.    Another invaluable gift will be the ingniting of the light within and shining forth with increased passion for life.

Kumu Lomilomi, Kahu, Lomilomi Practitioner


Pilahi Paki wrote the following, encouraging us to think and emote good feelings within and outwardly to others.  It is essential to the practice of lomilomi:

A – stands for AKAHAI ….. meaning Kindness, to be expressed

                                        with tenderness.

L – stands for LOKAHI ….. meaning Unity, to be expressed

                                        with harmony.

O – stands for OLU’OLU … meaning Agreeable, to be expressed

                                        with pleasantness.

H – stands for HA’AHA’A .. meaning Humility, to be expressed

                                        with modesty.

A – stands or AHONUI ….  meaning Patience, to be expressed

                                        with perseverance.


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